Sea Turtle RescueLevels & Series

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Levels & Series

The game has 244 levels that are spilit up into 9 different series with 9 different locations.

  • Sandy Beach--------15 levels
  • Hammerhead Coast--18 levels
  • Rocky Shoals-------35 levels
  • Grassy Plains-------30 levels
  • Blast Bank----------12 levels
  • Magnetic Shore-----40 levels
  • Puzzle Point--------41 levels
  • Devils Bend--------33 levels
  • Wicked Wharf-------20 levels
  • If the level gets too difficult, you have two ways to move forward. Press Skip Level. For 15 coins, you can see the solution. For 10 coins, you can just skip to the level.

    Sandy Beach

    Hammerhead Coast

    Rocky Shoals

    Grassy Plains

    Blast Bank

    Magnetic Shore

    Puzzle Point

    Devils Bend

    Wicked Wharf