Sea Turtle RescueShop

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The shop allows you to buy coins which you can exchange for other things. You can buy 10 coins, 50 coins, and 200 coins at a time. Prices vary depending on the currency and what region you live in. You can purchase tools like hammers, bombs and magnets by selecting the item you want to purchase from the tool box then choosing the number you want to purchase. If you choose not to buy coins, there's an option to watch ads in return for 5 coins. If you upgrade or change the device you play on, the shop offers a Restore Purchase option. In the game, you can use 2 coins to step back by one move. You can press Skip Level and either skip to the next level for 10 coins or show the solution for this level for 15 coins. Once you show the solution for a level, you can see the solution for that level for free in the future.