Beagle SmalltalkBeagle Smalltalk

Beagle Smalltalk is a new implementation of Smalltalk designed to let people explore the world of software.

Beagle Smalltalk

In 1831, Charles Darwin embarked on a voyage of discovery on board the HMS Beagle. On his journey, he discovered many different species of animals and the voyage was the genesis of his Theory of Evolution. Beagle Smalltalk encourages others to embard on their own journey of discovery through the world of software. It provides an environment where people can play in many domains of software from simpple line graphics and sprite graphics through, sound effects, music, 3D graphics, artificial intelligence and more. We provide the frameworks for you to do the hard stuff allowing you to play with all the tools provided. If you're curious, however, the entire system is accessible to you to examine and even to change.

Start your own journey of discovery with Beagle Smalltalk.