Introduction to VA SmalltalkSmalltalk for new developers

This instructor-led course can be delivered as an on-site course or over the web

Introduction to VA Smalltalk

Duration: 5 days

Level: Introductory

Target Audience: Object Oriented Software Developers, Programmers, Programmer Analysts, Project Leaders

Goals: Learn the syntax, concepts and base library of VA Smalltalk and learn how to build simple windows applications

Outcomes: Attendees will be able to read and write Smalltalk code and will be able to use the Smalltalk environment to continue to enhance their knowledge. Attendees will be able to lay out windows and write the Smalltalk code needed to manage the windows.

Cost: $2500 USD per student (we require a minimum of 4 students to run a course)

Register: No courses currently scheduled. If you are interested in this course or would like to schedule an on-site course, please e-mail

Description: This course introduces the Smalltalk language and the VA Smalltalk environment along with the principles of Object Oriented Programming. The course consists of 50% lecture and 50% hands-on sessions.

Prerequisites: Programming experience in another language. Object oriented experience is not required.


  • Smalltalk syntax
  • Fundamental class libraries
  • Encapsulation, polymorphism, and inheritance
  • SUnit
  • Test driven design
  • Collections
  • Streams and files
  • Subclassing and subtyping
  • Refactoring
  • ENVY
  • Basic GUI Development using Visual Parts
  • Basic GUI Development using non-Visual Parts

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